Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fort Myers, Florida

Remember when Cliff Clavine of "Cheers" fame went to Florida?  And from that moment on he was an expert on all things Florida? I've turned into Cliff, minus his love of beer.  I recently completed my fifth trip to the Fort Myers region in Southwest Florida and it did not disappoint. 

Pictured above was our view of a Minnesota Twins Spring Training game from the 8th row.  I sat next to a guy originally from International Falls.  He said it took him 50 years to figure out that it was warmer in Florida than I-Falls.

I made this trip with some of Stephen's best.  By merely walking into the stadium we lowered the average age to 70.  Historians might argue we lowered the average IQ to 70 as well. 

So, in true Clavine style, I believe I will discuss Florida for the next couple days.  And I have some nice pictures to offer as well. 


  1. Mrs. Rain Man wants to know if you took in a Yankees game?

    -Rain Man

    1. Yes, we saw the Yankees and the Twins play on Friday. Yankees won.